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Extending the post Valentine’s bliss!

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday where people buy lots of disposable stuff and gorge on chocolate, but… I cannot deny the bliss of having flowers around in cold weather. That mid February burst of color can send the winter blues away, even if only for a few days. So, if you received flowers from a friend, partner, family member or bought some for yourself, split your bouquet into smaller arrangements and sprinkle them around your house, even better share them with a neighbor. If you have them already, why not make their beauty last. Next year I’ll make an effort to make the whole affair greener by growing my own flowers. I handmade my cards and I also started with just two zinnias in my hydroponic grower this year and they actually bloomed! Watch out Winter, there will be blooms!

Here are some other ideas from Reduce Footprints to green up your Valentine’s day in 2014:

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